UtahCC is a volunteer-run alliance that operates through volunteered time from individual members and staff supported time from alliance member organizations. UtahCC does not have 501(c)(3) status. View our organization charter and steering committee minutes for more information.

Alliance Priorities

1 | Create a digital inclusion network for individuals and organizations that allows for cross-sector collaboration,  coordination of resources and information, and support for digital inclusion community programs.

2 | Bring awareness to community members and stakeholders that could become digital inclusion advocates and changemakers.


Steering Committee
Shauna Edson, Salt Lake City Public Library
Vikram Ravi, Brigham Young University
Jacob Brace, Google Fiber
Krysti Nellermoe, International Rescue Committee
Sean Martin, Salt Lake City
Matt McLain, Salt Lake County Library Services
Turner Bitton, HEAL Utah
Kelleigh Cole, Utah Education Network
Kayla Bradshaw, United Way of Utah County
Joseph Silverzweig, Comcast
Olivia Whitely, International Rescue Committee
Liz Gabbitas, Utah State Library Division

Executive Committee
Shauna Edson, Chair
Celina Milner, Co-Chair
Olivia Whiteley, Co-Chair
Turner Bitton, Secretary

Member Organizations
Comcast NBCUniversal
Google Fiber
Housing Authority of Salt Lake City
Housing Authority of County of Salt Lake
International Rescue Committee
Mobile Beacon
Salt Lake County Library
Salt Lake City Public Library
Salt Lake City Corporation
SLCC Community Writing Center
Shelter the Homeless
United Way of Utah County
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development
Utah Non Profit Housing Corporation
Utah State Library